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Torreciudad is a Marian shrine in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who showers her Son’s graces on us and restores us to joy, which is the fruit of the personal experience of interior renewal. Under this invocation of Torreciudad, the Virgin Mary shows her familiarity with the daily struggles of people and their families. She has generously dealt with their requests for more than ten centuries.

It is located 24 km (approximately 15 miles) from the City of Barbastro (Huesca, Spain), in a place where, since the eleventh century, Christians have venerated the Virgin Mary under the invocation of Our Lady of the Angels of Torreciudad. The image of the Virgin is a Romanesque-style wood carving of great beauty and serenity in which the Child Jesus is shown sitting on His Mother’s knee as on a throne.

Situated in a place of great natural beauty, the original look-out tower from the Arab period, gives its name to the area: “Turris Civitatis”, Torre-De-La-Ciudad. Together with the old tower, rising above amazing cliffs, is the old hermitage, built over the medieval ruins.

A thousand-year-old devotion

The image of the Virgin of Torreciudad was enthroned in 1084 in a hermitage chapel next to the Cinca River. The Romanesque-style wood carving, has been the object of a truly secular devotion. For more than nine centuries, generation after generation of the surrounding neighbours, have visited the image on pilgrimage, entrusting their joys and sorrows, asking for their needs, and thanking her for the favours received.

Book your visit

If you come with a group or you are a pilgrim, we advise you to book and organize your visit from here, so that you have the best possible time.