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Torreciudad Foundation

It is a non-profit civil association responsible for sustaining the Shrine of Torreciudad and promoting pilgrimages. The pastoral work of the sanctuary is entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, which addresses the spiritual needs of all pilgrims and visitors who so desire. It is an institution of the Catholic Church founded in 1928 by Saint Josemaría Escrivá.


Torreciudad is a Marian shrine to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, who showers her Son’s graces on us and returns us to joy, which is the fruit of the personal experience of interior renewal. Under this invocation of Torreciudad, the Virgin Mary shows her intimacy with the daily struggles of people and their families, generously attending to their requests for more than ten centuries.


Torreciudad is called to be a sanctuary of reference as the focus of a universal Marian devotion and a place for a personal encounter with the Virgin Mary. The new Shrine of Torreciudad, makes very present St. Josemaría’s intention to be an instrument of formation for people, which also contributes to the local development.

Governing bodies

Board of Directors

Mª Victoria Zorzano

Vice President

Juan Ramón Mor


Luis Villalba


Antonio Quintana


Carlos Figuero


Luz Otero


María Isabel Lafuente


José Antonio Pérez

Steering Committee

Ángel Lasheras

Javier Pizarro

Antonio Quintana

Javier Conchillo

Carlos Figuero

Service to Pilgrims


Ángel Lasheras

Vice Rector

Javier Pizarro

Ricardo López-Pardo

José María García Pou

Welcoming groups

Pelayo Dugenest

Bruno López

Raúl Maside

Daniel Quemada

Rosa Cabrero

Miguel Ángel Pérez

Book your visit

If you come with a group or you are a pilgrim, we advise you to book and organize your visit from here, so that you have the best possible time.