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The image of the Virgin of Torreciudad was enthroned in 1084 in a hermitage chapel next to the Cinca River. The Romanesque-style wood carving, has been the object of a truly secular devotion. For more than nine centuries, generation after generation of the surrounding neighbours, have visited the image on pilgrimage, entrusting their joys and sorrows, asking for their needs, and thanking her for the favours received.


Virgin of Torreciudad, who shows mercy to
all who seek your protection: We pray that
you may grant peace to our families and
that you help us return to Jesus through
the confession of our sins in the Sacrament
of Penance. May we obtain the grace to
sanctify our ordinary work and to be
faithful to our Christian vocation. Protect
the Church, the Pope, the bishops, the
priests and the faithful, that they may bring
to all corners of the world the salvific
force of the Gospel of your Son, Jesus
Christ, our Lord, who, with God the Father
and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns forever
and ever. Amen.