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The Project’s objective is to adapt the new sanctuary to 21st century pilgrims and create an endowment fund that allows the sustainability of its activities. This helps perpetuate the efforts of so many people who contributed their donations to build the shrine, preserving a devotion that is more than 10 centuries old. This project is promoted by the Patronage of Torreciudad in collaboration with the Cárdenas Rosales Foundation for the next 5 years.

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The Patronato de Torreciudad is a non-profit civil association responsible for sustaining the Shrine of Torreciudad and promoting pilgrimages.

The Cárdenas Rosales Foundation is a Cooperation and Development Assistance Fund with objectives of general interest in Spain and other countries. It is headquartered in Madrid.

The Torreciudad XXI Century project is sponsored by the Patronato de Torreciudad, in collaboration with the Cárdenas Rosales Foundation, during the next 5 years. Both entities have signed an agreement to facilitate the promotion and management of the necessary funds.